Zip Grip Go - A New 1m Product

One of my biggest products that has gone on to make 100k months in sales.

Since their start in 2015 we have scaled up and have increased their production and manufacturing quality.

I personally drew this product and am responsible for the key changes that made it perform better.


Quickwedge - 40k/mo Ecom Success!

Their site was on an outdated platform, wasn’t making sales, and they were spending thousands of dollars a month on ad spend for google ads that were not tracking or converting anyone.

I came in and changed the game, got them on bing and google and returns have hit 8x.

It’s safe to say that they outbid many of their competitors and that their patented screen holding screwdriver is up in first place on the results page.


The Cobras Denali

Their gun landed at my doorstep with one major flaw – The Grip.

When the grip was installed it was not designed right to have a perfect solid grip.

The thing rocked around and caused issues when the user was trying to shoot the gun.

Using a 3D printing prototyping process and solid works design I was able to make them a grip that fit perfectly and could be produced in the hundreds of thousands of units. 

Their gun sells online as the most affordable self defense that a person can purchase.